For any small business in today’s market, your website is likely to be the lifeblood. With more and more people turning to digital, your site is the centre of your digital marketing strategy, so of course needs to be well designed, look good and offer the information that a potential customer is looking for.

One common question that we get asked or see online on a frequent basis is: ‘Why shouldn’t I use Yell for my business website?’

On paper, Yell may look like a good and straightforward option; however we know and have had customers who can verify, that there are lots of problems a small business owner can face when using a giant like Yell for their web design.

To help you decide on whether or not Yell should be the option you go for, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent complaints and problems current and ex-Yell customers have told us about, or we’ve read online.

The Big Sell

Yell is one of the biggest companies in the world, and as such have a sales team dedicated to, you guessed it, selling!

A Yell salesperson aims to get you signed up as quickly as possible, so you’ll often find that they will visit your premises, run through all that they can offer and attempt to get you to sign up there and then.

This aggressive sell can lead to you signing up for something without fully understanding what it is, as you haven’t had an evening to mull over what was discussed or explore the contract in full. A salesperson can give you many false promises, such as offering something verbally with there then being no reference to it in the contract, meaning there is little that can be done to question it once the paperwork has been signed!

Lengthy Contracts

On signing up with Yell, you’re instantly tied into a 12-month contract. Therefore if it’s not working a few weeks or months in, there’s virtually nothing that you can do until the end of your contract.

Is the price right?

On initial viewing, Yell may seem like a like a cheap option with websites starting from around the £500 mark. However, the price tends to be much higher when you start adding pages to a website, with a 15-page site being anything up to £4000, meaning the price isn’t quite as good for a small business owner.

It doesn’t stop there though as some expensive additions need to be taken into account. There’s costly hosting as well as premium listing on Yell, not to mention the many other advertising services they offer which may be bolted on to your web design purchase and not have the desired impact you’d be hoping for.

The same design for everyone

On closer inspection of some of Yell’s websites and the designs that you can choose from, you can instantly see that design is at a premium. A great website should be unique to you and your business, acting as an online presence that perfectly reflects your business.

Unfortunately, Yell use a series of templates rather than bespoke design, so there’s a very good chance that your website will look very similar to another company’s out there, with just a change of colour scheme and content being the only differences.

Paid for, but not yours

One of the most frustrating things about a website from Yell is that, whilst you’ve paid for it, the website isn’t your property. So even though you pay for Yell to build your website, you effectively rent it off them for the duration of your contract.

If you decide you want to leave at the end of your contract and try something new, Yell still own your website so unfortunately it means starting from scratch with another new design; a cheeky lock-in style situation that you can’t get out of.

High-cost hosting

Hosting a website can be achieved for a few pounds a month in today’s day and age, so the over £90 a month that Yell charge seems to be very expensive indeed.

With good quality hosting essential to keep your site online and working at speed at all times, it’s essential to make a sound investment, but it’s fair to say that this can be achieved for a far lower price than that which Yell charge customers.

Seeing how your website works

Being able to assess how well your website is working, which areas are proving popular and where improvements can be made is essential for your online presence to move in the right direction.

It can be difficult to get Yell to install Google Analytics, with conversion tracking being difficult to get up and running too. There also isn’t any support for Google Tag Manager at present, making it much harder to install certain code to your website to track what you’re doing online.

Getting that helping hand

If you’re investing in a website for the first time, you’re likely to have lots of questions and want to make changes whenever you spot something out of place.

However, with Yell being such a huge organisation, there’s no chance of you having one point of contact so getting anything changed, especially the minor alterations, is almost impossible. It only takes one digit in your phone number to be wrong, and you could encounter all sorts of problems, leaving you left to contact one of the support centres in located in numerous countries around the world in an attempt to get it changed.

The Yell Package

Yell don’t just offer web design but a whole host of other marketing services, from PPC to SEO and social media management, and being already ‘in’ with a website puts you in a prime position to be bombarded to invest in one of the other digital marketing options available.

What are your options?

Ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether you opt for a website built by Yell or you instead choose a local expert like ourselves who can work closely with you to deliver a product that you can be proud of.

By choosing Green Stripe Media you can enjoy:

  • One to one support, assistance and alterations as and when you require
  • Experts with over 20 years experience in designing, building and hosting websites for small businesses
  • Monthly subscriptions with no big development costs, just affordable monthly payments that work for you
  • No templates, but truly bespoke designs that ensure your website doesn’t look like any other online
  • An array of additional marketing options should you wish to help boost the profile of your website and business

To discuss your website requirements contact us today.